What is a Scamp?





Freedom. Adaptability. An honest 0. To learn what we need, while we explore. To think. To slow down.

  • Super light. (1100 lbs) - Fiberglass is very light, allowing us to tow it with near any vehicle.
  • Lasts forever. - The whole body is molded of one piece of fiberglass. There aren't any seems or cracks for moisture to get into. Also, fiberglass doesn't rot.
  • Portable and low-key - It looks nice enough, and can be parked nearly anywhere.
  • Affordable - We picked up the Scamp for $3700. Our house cost us $3700.

How goes it?

Super well. We've been living in the Scamp full time now. We're plugged to a friends house for power, so we can run a burner and space heater. We have a big jug for our water, which works great. We've been going #2 at coffee shops mostly while we work, and showering at ROKC.