Transit Connect

A few of my friends been talking about going nomadic, so I’ve been researching viable vehicles. A used Ford Transit Connect seems to be one of the most economical options, if you have no vehicle to begin with. A transit connect solves both the housing and transportation dilemma for about $5,000.

They’re small, but would be great for a solo nomad. May be tight for a full time couple.

Videos of Transit Builds:


Derek Sivers

This post from Sivers’ upcoming book, “Hell Yea or No” describes the idea that more won’t always solve the problem. Subtraction is often the solution.

If you have no idea who this dude is, go here and click on the Derek Sivers (Full) podcast from the Tim Ferriss Show. Some of my favorite podcast episodes of all time on that page, let me know what you think of them.


3D printed fully functional model SpaceX rockets

This guy is building SpaceX models in his garage. He’s replicating as many rocket systems as he can. The thruster is even on a pivot to manipulate trajectory on the fly.

Here’s a video of his Falcon Heavy test flight.


Micro Hydro Electric Generators in Nepal

Hydro electric power generation is fascinating to me. It’s entirely possible for us to cleanly generate all the power we need via wind, water and sun in a distributed manner. Here’s a video on how people are leveraging the flow of water in Nepal.


What’s wrong with the “System”

What I’ve Learned does an excellent job summarizing complex topics concisely. This one on the education system resonates with me. We can learn to do anything through the internet.

He talks about the carnivore diet here. Some of the most reasonable information I’ve seen on the topic.

Here’s another video on babies, Alzheimer’s, ketosis and MCT oil.


Tim Ferriss on learning and minimalism

This talk given by Ferriss at The Next Web conference is an excellent intro at learning how to learn. It’s 5 years old now, but still very relevant.


Cold Fusion

This is one of my favorite channels on Youtube. Gripping information, captivating visuals, and the narrator’s voice is perfect.

Cold Fusion videos I’ve recently enjoyed, on the history of the internet & the death of facebook.


MDMA Therapy

Tucker Max went through MDMA therapy and wrote about the entire experience. MDMA is currently showing remarkably high efficacy in people with PTSD. I think it will be proven useful in optimizing happiness for “normal people” as well.


Some nomadic living options

A-Frame Style trailer, towable with mortorcycle.

Innovative foldout camper that sits on the tow hitch.

Amphibious boat/camper trailer. Not sure how practical, awesome idea though.


Elon Musk interview clips

I think it’s important to have some a pulse on the trajectory of advanced technology. This recent Elon Musk interview on topics including existential threats, AI, Neuralink, the future of intelligence, and how to save humanity gives some insight into where things appear to be headed.

And a glimpse into the mind of Musk. This clip begins when he infamously smokes weed with Joe Rogan. The entire interview is fascinating, but this clip in particular grants deep insight into how Elon thinks.


Anker Micro Projector

This little projector is incredible. Great picture quality and sound, the size of a coke can, internal battery power, and streaming services built in. Here’s a video review on the lil guy.


take a breath.

To chill you out a bit, here’s an intro to Eastern medicine and the practice of Chi (thanks Reed). Try the simple breath exercises he suggests, I’m going to work them into my meditation & stretching practices.