I listen to podcasts often while traveling, biking, slack lining, stretching, and hiking. These are some of my favorites. The links are Overcast links, as it's the best podcast app I've found. Enjoy, and shout if you want to discuss any of this!


The Tim Ferriss Show

Naval Ravikant

  • Start up investor and writer.

  • Massively successful, pursuing happiness directly.

  • CEO & Founder of Angel List


Derek Sivers (full)

  • Awesome perspective on success and life.

  • Simple philosophy.


Alain de Botton


Terry Crews

  • NFL, White Chicks movie, old spice commercials.

  • Ultra well read artist

  • Unique perspective on culture and masculinity


Love Your Work

Jason Fried

  • Writer of Rework and Remote.

  • Approaches business in a practical yet unorthodox manner.


Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

  • Deliberate rest as a mechanism to retain learning.

  • Rest is critical to creative productivity.


Ryan Hoover

  • Founder of ProductHunt.

  • Start with community, culture & mentors.


The James Altucher Show

Ryan Holiday

  • New York Times best seller.

  • Marketing Wizard

  • Proponent of purposeful work


Yuval Noah Harari