The quickest path to freedom. When one learns to thrive with little, a true zero can be established.


A state of oneness with thought or action. Essential to perform in high stress environments.


The art of being relevant. Learn what is necessary to make the decision. Pursue interest and inspiration. Learn to reset the mind.


The exact steps to a route are variable. Flow with circumstance. Bring balance back to vision to find course.


The body’s manual transmission. Breathe to focus, relax, think, tune in, be calm.


Mother Nature has a way of reciprocating. The earth is us. We are in this together. Help life flourish & think on a flame of life level.


The crossroads of dreams and solutions. This is yours. Stay true to your center, your true north. Meditate to calibrate.


Understand concepts by the sum of their parts. Hone the ability to zoom in and out fractally. Operate from first principles.


Find elegant solutions. Understanding a problem takes time. Find ways to need less. Simplicity and efficiency are brothers. Make room for what matters.


Encapsulate systems to prevent interference. Organization breeds efficiency. Modules are the parts necessary to be organized.


Prevents redundant action. Limits entropy. Enables more living. Efficiency adds time to life. Aligns with frugality and ecology. Systems breed efficiency.


We live in the future. Embrace technology as a toolset. Do not become a tool of technology. The world’s information is in our pockets, a philosopher’s stone. We can quickly learn to do anything. Let’s put this to use.


Learn from our ancestors. Implement and adapt old solutions. Prior humans used simple and effective systems.


Be nice to people and animals, its easier for all parties that way. People will look out for you if you’re good to them, and spite you if you’re bitter.


Listen to your gut. Our brains operate at least a level above our cognition. If something feels off it likely is. Leverage the ability to move to avoid confrontation.


Be honest with yourself about predictable outcomes. Prepare for foreseeable occurrences.


We live in a judge mental society. Find balance between expression of true self and confrontation avoidance.


When you catch a wave of serendipity, ride it. Go with the flow and trust intuition. Slow down to find answers.


Speak to empathize and be understood. Everyone has a unique perspective & life to think about. People have information and are helpful to helpful people.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Breathe when overwhelmed. Be exacting in crucial decisions. Take the extra moment to research, put a thing in its place, think before speaking. Zoom out, think in third person.