We just recorded our fourth Scamp tour video. This one is a winter Rocky mountains edition.

Scamp Gear

Cubic Mini

The little stove enabling all our winter shenanigans. Provides us warmth and a solid cooking surface.

Stanley Camping Cook Set

This is the first piece of camping cookware we acquired.

Stainless Dishes

Easy to clean and nestable. Cool thing about stainless is we can warm up drinks and food on the stove with these.

MSR Bowl

MSR Plates

Clean Canteen Cups

MSR Alpine Dish Brush

The Famous Frother

The thing that gives our drinks a beautiful foamy head. Here’s another one that’s micro USB rechargeable for a similar price.

FreshCap Mushroom Mixes

These are great for cognitive function and neural regeneration.

Lions mane Blend

Reishi & Chaga Blend

Unlimitedville Plans

Truly unlimited data without throttling. We’re on the ATT network for $200/month.

Bose Speaker

Gifted to us by our friend Molly Balloons. The sound this thing puts out is well balanced with solid bass tones. Rechargeable via micro USB.

Carbon Monoxide Reader

Crazy loud when it needs to be. Nice to have a digital read so we can see if CO levels are climbing or equalizing.

Goal Zero Batteries & Panels

Yeti Lithium 1000

Yeti AGM 400

If you have the extra money and are looking at the 400wh model, consider upgrading to the Yeti Lithium 400. The lithium models are higher voltage and can be drawn low without harming the battery. The 400 AGM can be damaged if pulled below 50% capacity. So the effective capacity of the Lithium 400 is double that of the AGM 400.

For more info on our solar setup, check out this post.

Boulder 100 & Boulder 50

Efficient, tough solar panels with built in kick stand.

Grid-It Organizer

Great for organizing cords and electronic peripherals.


BaseLantern XL

Our primary light source in the Scamp. Full color spectrum, choose whatever color you want. Controllable via phone app. Built in lithium battery for charging phones, tablets, etc.

This is how we control our other Biolite lights.

SiteLight Mini

The string lights above our bed. Plug into the BaseLantern with a micro aux port. Dimmable and controllable via phone app, or on the BaseLantern itself. If you want to use these independent of other BioLite systems, you can power them with USB.

SiteLight XL

This is a fabric, foldable ambient light. Similar controls to the SiteLight Mini. This was a little big for the Scamp, so I cut the fabric off and wrapped it around the LED housing. I think wrapped a gear tie around it to make it a dimmable directional light.

Headlamp 330 Lumens

The best headlamps we’ve ever owned. Adjustable pitch, spot, flood, red, strobe, dimmable on all settings. The battery sits on the back of your head, distributing weight evenly.


Full spectrum (select whatever color you want) portable light with a solar panel built into the back. Adjustable kickstand for hanging and positioning for optimal sun collection. This thing is from the future.

Rumpl Throw

Packable down outdoor blanket.

Yeti Cooler

The best cooler.

Thule PowerShuttle Organizer

Awesome little backpack organizer kit.

Airhole Merino Buff

My favorite winter buff. Merino is soft and never stinks. Little hole cut in it to breathe through. Great around the neck or face in harsh climates.

Coleman Cookstove

Simple, effective 2 burner stove.

Subie Gear

Lifeline 3-Piece Aluminum Shovel

Badass and packable snow shovel. We keep it in the Subaru to dig ourselves out if needed.

Scosche Phone Mount

The best vehicle phone mount I’ve found. Comes with two ultra thin magnets to stick on the back of or inside phone cases. Great grip and works in landscape and portrait.

ODB2 Scanner

Plug into car to read engine codes. Once we get the code, we can google it to see possible solutions. Useful to reset engine codes as well. This way if the car throws an error, you can clear it and see if it’s a persistent error.