Understanding how food works as fuel is liberating to the mind, body and wallet.

This is my muddled understanding of how us water robots are powered. The fundamental energy source our bodies use is called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The body refines ATP primarily through two metabolic processes called Glycolysis and Ketosis.



Glycolysis is the process our bodies use to derive the majority of their ATP. Glycolysis is the body's way of getting to ATP from sugars. Sugars are fast, easy fuel for the body to process. If sugars are available, the body will use them. Carbs are effectively sugar (break down into sugar). Carbs haven't always been so widely available to our bodies. In cave man times, finding sugar was quite a victory. Thus, the body has been programmed over time to throw a brain party when sugar is consumed. The remaining sugar is stored in body fat for later use.



When sugars aren't available the body goes into a sort of fasting state called Ketosis. In ketosis the body begins deriving ATP from Ketones. Ketones come from fats, so when we're in a state of ketosis we're making our energy from fats. Ketones are better fuel for the brain and heart. This is partly why we feel clarity when fasting, and part of why fasting is present in near all spiritual practices.



Establishing intent is the first thing to do when diving into fueling the body. Some of us want to put on muscle, lose fat, get stronger, be healthier, save money, have more energy, eat ecologically, etc. Establish intent to build the fueling solution that works. My intent is to be strong, energetic, lean, ecological and frugal. Keep my intent in mind, and know that I'm figuring all of this out as I go.


Leveraging Ketosis

I intermittently fast, limit sugar intake, and eat good fats to get my body using ketones. Intermittent fasting is effectively skipping breakfast and eating lunch later. Intermittent fasting came easy to me, because I feel much better when I skip breakfast. In school, the days I would eat breakfast I would be hungry earlier and crash if I didn't eat more. This is because I was eating sugary foods and kicking my body into glycolysis. What I do now is add a bunch of coconut oil to my coffee or tea in the morning. I can run on the coconut oil and feel great until early afternoon. If I do feel hungry I'll eat some nuts, seeds, avocado, or other low carb high fat things. All the while not eating sugar.


Foods I dig

Coconut oil - Calorie dense long lasting fuel.

Avocado - Great source fats, taste good, feel good.

Peanuts - Inexpensive, calorie dense, protein.

Black Beans - Add to soup, good cheap protein.

Sunflower Seeds - Similar to peanuts. We use these on soups, salads etc.

Sardines - I like them canned in olive oil. Wild planet is a great brand. Great simple fuel.

Apples - High satiety rating. Filling but low calorie. Good for curbing appetite. Pink ladies are my go to.

Carrots - Simple, cheap, nutrient dense snack. Dip them in hummus or nut butter.

Hummus - Made out of chickpeas. Chickpeas are a good source of clean protein. Easy to make at home.

Cauliflower - Great for giving soups and rice dishes a meat like crunch.

Blue Berries - Taste awesome, hugely nutritious, super fruit?

Bananas - Potassium makes the muscles feel good. Super cheap as well.

Greens Powder - A good greens powder is an easy way to get the body the nutrients it needs.