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Operating System



Form Factor




Situational Tasks

Gaming & VR

Rendering Video


3D design

Writing, browsing, watching


Processor & GPU




Long Term

Clean System

Careful downloading illegal things and watching certain content types.

Activity monitor to identify hogs

My computer is the highest ROI purchase I’ve ever made. In the 7 years since I bought my Mac, 95% of the money I’ve made has been a result of this tool. It serves as my primary portal to interact with humans at scale, and the conduit through which I learn.

Nomad life would be far different if I didn’t know how to make money using my Mac. Don’t let this discourage you if you’re not technologically inclined. These machines and their software were developed by humans, with the intention of other humans using them. If you say you’re “bad with computers” you’ll inevitably be correct.

Given the utility and ubiquity of these tools, knowing how they work, and how different components effect performance is useful knowledge.

Operating Systems

The computer’s operating system is the base software that often comes preinstalled on the machine. Currently in the personal computer world we have OSX (Apple), Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. Apple and Windows are the most popular options in the personal computer space.

Linux is an open source operating system, many variants of Linux are available free of cost, but the software is pretty esoteric. Linux is arguably the most important operating system, given its use on servers and peripheral devices like routers, but it’s not the best operating system for the layperson.

Chrome OS is Google’s stab at a personal computer operating system. If you constantly have an internet connection, and don’t mind relying heavily on cloud storage, Chrome OS is a good option.

Windows is ubiquitous. Everyone knows how to use it and it’s widely available. I used Windows OS until around 2012 when I got my Mac. I’m honestly not sure how much Windows has improved in the recent years. I’m not super fond of Windows. I feel like it’s always getting in the way. If you’re going to buy or build a PC, this is the most common OS to choose. 

OSX is my favorite desktop operating system. The workflow is excellent, with multiple desktops, spotlight and the integration between other Apple devices. The design aesthetic of Mac apps is super clean and intuitive. Any time I go back to a Windows machine now I’m constantly frustrated.

Form Factor

Computers come in a variety of forms, phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, even watches. Each of which have benefits and weaknesses.

Situational needs


When comparing computers I primarily consider four main components, processor, hard drive (storage), RAM (memory) and battery.


Making a computer last is better for both the environment and your wallet.