I took some time to stretch and meditate this morning. What a worthwhile investment. I have never once regretted practicing these things, but it’s still hard to find the discipline to do practice them daily.

Now that I’ve taken the time to move the tension out of my body and mind, I feel a sense of grateful calm. I have processed some of the things on the top layer of my subconscious and am now at peace with them. 

I am currently in a stage of life where everything is good. Our relationship, friends, family, Kamp, Scamp, car, health, all the things that matter are in a good state. I don’t want to waste this time of serenity, but I need to be careful not to stretch myself too thin on opportunities and endeavors. Balance is Key.

Yesterday I dove back into researching Patreon to get a pulse on it and figure out if it would be a good platform for us to leverage. On one hand, it is a pretty perfect way to build a community of people that are passionate about the things we’re doing, teaching and sharing. On the other hand, is the time invested worth it for us and the people who support us?

This energy could be used in other places like Youtube, the podcast, and my book. But, a patreon following could help us have more time to focus on these things by alleviating financial stress. 

I’m trying to think of things we could do with patreon that wouldn’t pull too much from our other outlets. This is where the what would this look like if it were easy (props to Tim Ferriss) heuristic comes in. What by-products of our endeavors could be interesting or valuable to other people? Things we’re researching, journal entries, extra stickers, gear (biolite, weboost, and gear we’ve used), videos of Elsa’s art on iPad, live streams, etc.

We could even have a Patreon goal to buy an unlimited hotspot. This way we could stream what we’re doing, answer questions, and interact intimately with people. A real life Twitch. With the weboost and unlimited bandwidth we could do some awesome things. All of this would be additive to the things we’re already working on.

Do you think Patreon is a good idea? Any reward suggestions? Please comment below. <3