Some of my favorite podcast episodes:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Naval Ravikant

  • Start up investor and writer.

  • Massively successful, pursuing happiness directly.

  • CEO & Founder of Angel List


Derek Sivers (full)

  • Awesome perspective on success and life.

  • Simple philosophy.


Alain de Botton


Terry Crews

  • NFL, White Chicks movie, old spice commercials.

  • Ultra well read artist

  • Unique perspective on culture and masculinity


Love Your Work

Jason Fried

  • Writer of Rework and Remote.

  • Approaches business in a practical yet unorthodox manner.


Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

  • Deliberate rest as a mechanism to retain learning.

  • Rest is critical to creative productivity.


Ryan Hoover

  • Founder of ProductHunt.

  • Start with community, culture & mentors.


The James Altucher Show

Ryan Holiday

  • New York Times best seller.

  • Marketing Wizard

  • Proponent of purposeful work


Yuval Noah Harari